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Project Advisory

Our project advisory service helps to create and deliver projects through effective project management and advisory services. We understand the need to be both strategic and pragmatic to achieve real project outcomes and benefits.

  • Co-organizer

  • Incubation program

  • Workshop/bootcamp

  • Module creation

  • Pitch deck revamp

  • Pitching/Demo Day

  • Survey

  • Campaign

Partners we've worked with

ecoxyztem partners project advisory
ecoxyztem partners project advisory

Corporate Innovation

To accelerate innovation and leverage growth opportunities by applying sustainability principles, our corporate innovation service is designed for corporations to expanding or rethinking the innovation strategy inside their organizations.

  • CSR program

  • Internal workshop

  • Innovation incubator

  • Capacity building

  • Community development

  • Brand campaign

Partners we've worked with

ecoxyztem partners corporate innovation
ecoxyztem partners corporate innovation

Outreach & Awareness

All good initiatives and movements deserve the widest possible exposure. A concerted effort is made to deliver clear and consistent information to stakeholders via public awareness and outreach efforts.

  • Community partner

  • Media coverage

  • Content creation

  • Webinar/talk show

  • Competition

  • Giveaway

Partners we've work with

ecoxyztem partners outreach & awareness
ecoxyztem partners outreach & awareness

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