Help Ecopreneurs Build Solutions to Solve Climate Challenges

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Help Ecopreneurs Build Solutions to Solve Climate Challenges

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Are you ready to be #TheNextEcopreneur?

Building Climate-Tech Ecosystem to Accelerate Ecopreneurs in Reaching ENDC Target by 2030

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xseed merupakan platform belajar green jobs terlengkap di indonesia
xseed merupakan platform belajar green jobs terlengkap di indonesia

Do you want to learn about climate issues and be an ecopreneur?

Do you want to scale up your profitable and impactful business?

Do you want to collaborate in building a better ecosystem?

We work on ideas, prototype, and early traction to turn your product into a viable business
Ecoxyztem provides a learning community for the latest environmental issues for beginners to advanced

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We have been working on various programs and initiatives through project advisory, corporate innovation, outreach & awareness collaboration for impact-driven business in climate-tech verticals.

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Our latest campaign to inspire and empower a new generation of eco-conscious innovators who are committed to making a positive impact on the planet while creating successful and impactful businesses. Through this campaign, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of ecopreneurship and its potential to drive positive change. We want to showcase inspiring stories of ecopreneurs who have successfully integrated sustainability into their business models and demonstrate the tangible benefits they have achieved

What our partners say

"We are working together for the Urban Innovation Challenge to drive grassroots innovations in cities. Ecoxyztem is a great partner for designing a holistic approach to this initiative and is willing to go through deep literacy to find innovative and inclusive solutions to urban development challenges."

Muhammad Didi Hardiana

(Head of Experimentation at UNDP Accelerator Labs)

"B.J Foggs in his theory of behavior change says that the key factors are internal motivation, ability and existing external factors. Ecoxyztem inspires influential individuals, they ensure others have the right tools and they connect people to spark external motivation."

Darina Maulana

(Co-Founder & CMO of QYOS)

“Ecoxyztem has a combination of business smarts, team and leadership expertise, that make them a really effective partner. Plus they are simply good people and great to work with.”

Maria Natashia

(Investment Manager at PT Prasetia Dwidharma)

“Wide network, good communication, great team. Business is not only about what you can do, but also about how well-connected your business to the right person. Ecoxyztem knows that very well, and they execute it greatly.”

Randy Wicaksono

(Chairman at Ravelware)

Ready to build a stronger climate tech startup ecosystem?